MFH can meet customers’ demands by supplying Gabbro Aggregates for any size from
0-5mm to 20-42mm

Gabbro is a dense, mafic intrusive rock. It generally occurs as batholiths and laccoliths and is often found along mid-ocean ridges or in ancient mountains composed of compressed and uplifted oceanic crust. Gabbro is the plutonic equivalent of basalt.

A brief of the type of Gabbro Aggregate we supply is as follows:

  • Gabbro (Sand) 0‐5 mm
  • Gabbro 5‐10 mm
  • Gabbro 10‐20 mm
  • Gabbro 20‐32 mm
  • Gabbro 20‐37.5 mm
  • Gabbro 20‐42 mm
  • Sub‐base, Road‐base & Mix Materials.